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Qoomees Makets
Experience the magic of 'QOOMEES'

where Dream, Joy, and Peace come together.
Let our bedtime stories spark creativity,
our toys encourage play and learning,
and our bedding offer restful sleep and comfort.

'Qoomees' prioritizes bedtime and healing for peaceful nights and joyful days.
Our range includes captivating narratives, animations, games, music, bedding, and relaxation products. With immense growth potential in the kids, sleep, and relaxation market, we provide exceptional experiences for well-being and imagination.

Check out the Qoomees Music Video - Qoom Qoom


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Introducing Angels of Sweet Dreams
Qoomees Illustration_Dream Harvest

Meet 'Qoomees', the guardian angels of our sweet dreams, lighting up our nights. Qoomees protect us from nightmares and 'Darkmons', bringing joy, warmth, and peace.
'Qoomees' means 'dream' in Korean and 'rise up the spirit' in an ancient language.



The Evil Wood in Darkland


The Tree of Dreams in Dreamland

Darkland is filled with fear, nightmares, and the cursed Evil Wood, created by Lucy's dark magic. Darkmons steal Dream Sheep, leaving it without dreams and light. Dreamland is peaceful and joyful, where angels feed good dreams under the bright Tree of Dreams.

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Character Depth and Design

Meet characters ranging from nurturing angels to mischievous monsters, all designed with insights from educational theories like Multiple Intelligences and MBTI, aimed at educating and engaging.

Qoomees Angles
Dark Monsters
Dark Monsters Characters
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Educational Bedtime Stories

Dive into "Qoomees" with our original and culturally rich fairy tales. Each story instills valuable lessons, fosters emotional growth, and sparks children's imaginations. Engaging narratives and vibrant illustrations create magical bedtime experiences that enrich young minds and hearts.

Qoomees Bedtime Stories Books
Qoomees Comics
Education & Games
Apps for Sleep & Story
Qoomees Bedtime Toy - Mika
Qoomees Bedtime Apps
Qoomees Bedtime Toy - Gabi
Qoomees AI Gadget - Mika
Concept Arts
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Unique Music and Video Content
Relax with the soothing lullabies from our Qoomees angels and get energized with the lively rock tunes from our DarkMonsters, each enhanced by vibrant videos.
Qoomees Song - Qoom Qoom
Qoomees Lullaby - Sweet Dreams
ASMR Videos
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Seamless Product and Content Integration

Discover the enchanting world of Qoomees through our seamless integration of books, toys, and animations. Qoomees effortlessly fits into eco-friendly, wellness, and entertainment sectors, making each experience magical and memorable.

Qoomees Stuffed Toy
Toys & Goods
Qoomees Toys and Goods
Qoomees Beddings
Peaceful Nights, Joyful Days
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Based in Burbank, California, 'Moon Morning Inc.' delivers exceptional content, services, and products for peaceful nights and joyful days. We aim to revolutionize the bedtime experience through wonder and imagination.

Contact us for manufacturing, licensing, and collaboration opportunities with our 'Qoomees' IP brand.


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